Is Marble Trending OUT for Home Design?

If you’re starting a renovation, you might be concerned about investing in trendy materials that will be out of style in a year or two. Marble actually isn’t the concern here: other design trends you’ve seen with marble may be OUT, but marble is still IN.

Timeless or Trendy?

Marble is the definition of timeless, and it has been found in homes and architecture for centuries. No one can resist the clean, bright look of marble in a kitchen, bathroom, or even outdoor space. So, what is trending out? 

All-White Spaces Are OUT:

In 2024, styles are strongly trending away from all-white cabinets towards rich blues and greens. We’re making our homes cozier with darker hues and floral wallpapers.

Does that mean the all-white kitchen you renovated five years ago will look dated? Not necessarily. First of all, using high-quality materials always keeps a space timeless. Next, a clean, fresh space is always in style. 

And don’t forget: if you love it, it’s in. Some say oak cabinets are coming back into trend, so everything comes back around.

Marble Is Always IN:

With its natural veining, soft hues, and polished or honed finish, marble will always coordinate with the latest cabinetry trend and add elegance to your space. While some see the soft, porous nature of marble as a downside, the patina that comes from years of use only makes it warm and adaptable to today’s aesthetic.

Marble’s versatility among design styles ensures its continued relevance. Whether incorporated into classical, minimalist, or modern interiors, marble effortlessly elevates your space, adding luxury to any room.

Remember, no two marble slabs are identical, giving each installation a unique character. Designers appreciate the opportunity to work with a material that allows for artistic expression and a connection with the earth’s geological history. You can choose marble with more or less veining and even more gray than white and still have that timeless style.

Blending Marble with Other Natural Stone Favorites:

While marble maintains its timeless status, you can mix it with other natural stone options to make a statement. Pairing marble with complementary natural stones introduces depth and contrast, creating visually striking home spaces.

Soapstone: The Greatest Contrast to Marble

With its smooth, matte finish and subtle veining, Soapstone provides an understated elegance that pairs seamlessly with marble. Some soapstone varieties are different shades of black when treated, with white veining, which gives the appearance of marble in reverse. Often used in countertops and sinks, soapstone’s deep, rich tones create a beautiful balance when combined with the classic beauty of marble. Many homeowners choose soapstone for the surrounding countertops with marble on the center island. Or they’ll place the non-porous soapstone in higher-traffic areas and the marble in a place where it shines with less risk of staining.

Slate: A Dynamic Duo with Marble

Slate is another natural stone that effortlessly complements marble. Slate’s versatility in color, ranging from black, deep charcoal to muted greens and purples, offers the color trends we’re seeing now, with the durability and timelessness of natural stone. Combining slate and marble works exceptionally well in flooring, backsplashes, and even fireplace surrounds, creating a visual tapestry of textures and tones.

Other Marble Considerations

If you’re concerned about the durability of marble vs. other natural stone options, we’ve written several articles that explain the maintenance required for each. Because soapstone and slate are naturally anti-bacterial and non-porous, their maintenance is more of a design preference than a requirement.

Natural Stone Always Stands the Test of Time

In the ever-evolving landscape of design trends, marble always reappears as a favorite. Far from trending out, marble continues to be a favorite with designers based on its versatility and home resale value. By harmoniously pairing marble with complementary natural stones like soapstone and slate, designers can create interiors that are not only visually captivating but also practical and enduring.

If you’re ready to design your dream kitchen with natural stone for countertops, tiles, and custom sinks, visit Garden State Soapstone, Slate, and Wood Countertops to see all your options.

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March, 2024

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