Keep Your Wood Countertops Looking Brand New!

Tuesday May, 2011

Care & Maintenance for your Wood Countertops Straight from the experts! Here are some tips on daily maintenance, scratch removal, and how to apply a top coat to your wood countertops: Daily Maintenance for Wood Countertops Use a 20%-80% vinegar/water solution to clean your top. Do NOT use ammonia-based cleaners; over time they will soften… Continue reading Keep Your Wood Countertops Looking Brand New!

Soapstone Q&A

Thursday April, 2011

Soapstone Q&A Since I get many questions about soapstone every day, I wanted to provide you with some of the most frequently asked questions. Here’s my Soapstone Q&A. If you have any others, post below OR contact me here. QUESTION: Do I need to seal my soapstone counters like granite or marble? ANSWER: No. Soapstone… Continue reading Soapstone Q&A