April, 2011

Soapstone Q&A

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Soapstone Q&A

Since I get many questions about soapstone every day, I wanted to provide you with some of the most frequently asked questions. Here’s my Soapstone Q&A. If you have any others, post below OR contact me here.

QUESTION: Do I need to seal my soapstone counters like granite or marble?
ANSWER: No. Soapstone is impervious, and therefore, no sealant is needed.
QUESTION: Is soapstone easy to scratch?
ANSWER: Many varieties of soapstone will scratch. However, because of the extreme density of this material, scratches rarely will penetrate the surface – meaning they can easily be made invisible with a small dot of mineral oil.
QUESTION: What if I get a deep scratch on the countertops?
ANSWER: Soapstone is easily restored to a smooth state with the use of 220 and 120 sandpaper, then applying oil.
QUESTION: Is soapstone difficult to clean?
ANSWER: Because of its matte finish, soapstone is simple to clean without leaving fingerprints or large greasy stains. Any mild dish detergent is recommended. Harsh cleaners will not harm the stone, however, may take off the oil (re-oiling may be needed).
QUESTION: How often do I have to oil the counters?
ANSWER: It will vary. However, generally once a month for the first 6 months. Afterward, the stone will stay darkened, unless the oil is removed with sandpaper or harsh cleaning chemicals. If the oil is removed, simply reapply oil and the stone will return to its darkened appearance.
QUESTION: Can I put hot pots and pans directly onto the countertop?
ANSWER: Yes, because of its non-porous, heat resistant properties, hot pans can be placed directly on the counter without harm.
QUESTION: I understand that marble and some stones will “etch”. Is this a problem with soapstone?
ANSWER: No. Soapstone is impenetrable and non-porous, so it will not stain or etch as other stone does.