Press Release: Slate Countertops in Homes Across NJ, NYC

Friday May, 2017

Slate Countertops Appear in Homes Across New Jersey The latest slate news from Garden State Soapstone ™. North Brunswick, NJ – As the centerpiece to a kitchen, countertops reflect a unique part of a home. More frequently, homeowners are moving towards natural stone when renovating their homes. Jay Tauber, of Garden State Soapstone ™ in… Continue reading Press Release: Slate Countertops in Homes Across NJ, NYC

What’s New with Slate

Sunday February, 2017

What’s New with Slate? 2017 Trends: Slate Has it All It’s been a while since we talked about slate. So what’s new? Well, turns out, there’s a lot. Natural stone is back on the “trends” list in 2017. As a sustainable, durable, easy-maintenance material, it’s not going anywhere. Sate is definitely trending in 2017 and… Continue reading What’s New with Slate

Can’t forget about SLATE

Monday May, 2011

We Love Slate. Slate is an incredible building material, known for its durability, natural beauty, and versatility. The natural colors, textures, and inherent qualities are in tune with today’s lifestyles with warmth, elegant charm, and easy maintenance. It’s a metamorphic stone with very distinctive properties and performance criteria. Countertops, tabletops, and sinks are just a… Continue reading Can’t forget about SLATE