Press Release: Slate Countertops in Homes Across NJ, NYC

Slate Countertops Appear in Homes Across New Jersey

The latest slate news from Garden State Soapstone ™.

North Brunswick, NJ – As the centerpiece to a kitchen, countertops reflect a unique part of a home. More frequently, homeowners are moving towards natural stone when renovating their homes.

Jay Tauber, of Garden State Soapstone ™ in North Brunswick, says there has been a major shift in the last few years.  “People are moving away from stainless steel and granite, and choosing materials like slate. It’s a durable, sustainable natural stone that’s easy to take care of.” Tauber says that recently, he’s installed slate in homes across New Jersey, New York, and New York City.

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Slate is organic, low-maintenance, durable, and heat resistant.

Slate is a low-maintenance, natural materials. Its heat resistant qualities insulate a home and lower energy costs. The material’s permanence will enhance a building’s value. Slate can be used for tile, slate countertops, or fireplace surrounds. Slate surfaces offer low absorption rates and stain resistance.

If scratched, slate countertops do not need to be repaired by a professional. Light scratches can be erased with soap and water. Deeper scratches can be scrubbed with wool steel.

“Another thing we love about slate is its tensile strength”, says Tauber. “Standard slate is 1″ thick. Even though it’s a natural stone, it can go 12 inches with no additional support. This is great news for customers who want additional overhang on their countertops.”

Slate countertops can be found in a variety of natural colors to align with homeowners design tastes, from red, to variations of mottled purple, to black and gray.

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