Slate Countertop Guide: Care and Maintenance

Friday August, 2017

Slate Countertop Guide: Care and Maintenance As a natural stone, slate is one of the easiest countertop materials to maintain. For those of you considering slate, we’ve compiled some important information as a slate countertop guide. On the Surface Unlike marble and granite, slate does not need to be sealed. However, organic oil can polish… Continue reading Slate Countertop Guide: Care and Maintenance

Slate Makes a Great Countertop Surface

Saturday June, 2017

Benefits of a Slate Countertop Surface Slate is a Natural Stone The number one reason why slate should be on your radar is that slate is a natural stone. With that, it doesn’t take a vast amount of resources or unsustainable practices to install a beautiful slate countertop. Slate has a distinct look, feel, and… Continue reading Slate Makes a Great Countertop Surface

Press Release: Slate Countertops in Homes Across NJ, NYC

Friday May, 2017

Slate Countertops Appear in Homes Across New Jersey The latest slate news from Garden State Soapstone ™. North Brunswick, NJ – As the centerpiece to a kitchen, countertops reflect a unique part of a home. More frequently, homeowners are moving towards natural stone when renovating their homes. Jay Tauber, of Garden State Soapstone ™ in… Continue reading Press Release: Slate Countertops in Homes Across NJ, NYC

Soapstone and Slate Fireplace Designs

Tuesday November, 2015

Design a Fireplace Perfect for Your Home The weather is chilly. The days are short. It’s starting to feel like winter (But wait…Winter doesn’t officially begin until December 21!). Whether you’re a stickler for dates or not, we can all agree that it’s not just sweater weather anymore. If you’re spending more time inside, your… Continue reading Soapstone and Slate Fireplace Designs

Heart of the Home

Friday November, 2015

No matter how big or small, every home needs a kitchen. The kitchen sets the tone for the rest of the home. It provides experiences for anyone who enters and uses the space. It’s the median place of congregation for family, roommates, friends. Even the beloved family pet knows where to go to get fed.… Continue reading Heart of the Home

‘Tis the Season (For New Countertops)

Sunday November, 2015

The Perfect Time for New Countertops It’s November 1st. Halloween is barely over. What’s the rush, right? Wrong! ‘Tis the season for new countertops. If you’re giving the gift of countertops for the holidays, act now. Here’s how: Send us your project details (Dimensions, Layout, Location) Schedule a visit to learn more Choose your material… Continue reading ‘Tis the Season (For New Countertops)

Can’t forget about SLATE

Monday May, 2011

We Love Slate. Slate is an incredible building material, known for its durability, natural beauty, and versatility. The natural colors, textures, and inherent qualities are in tune with today’s lifestyles with warmth, elegant charm, and easy maintenance. It’s a metamorphic stone with very distinctive properties and performance criteria. Countertops, tabletops, and sinks are just a… Continue reading Can’t forget about SLATE

Design Trends!

Wednesday April, 2011

NKBA Releases Design Trends Survey Results Found this super interesting article from K+BB and had to share it… What’s popular in kitchen and bath design? Survey says… February 18, 2011 If you believe what they say about the past—and this may also apply to the immediate past—being a good predictor of future behavior, then you… Continue reading Design Trends!

What Martha Has To Say About Stone Surfaces

Tuesday April, 2011

Martha Stewart on Stone Surfaces The limestone slabs here were treated several ways, proof that a stone’s finish is as important as its color. Finishes can be applied separately or in combination. Honed stones (1 and 5) have the most natural-looking finish. After the stones are cut, they are sanded with a coarse abrasive to… Continue reading What Martha Has To Say About Stone Surfaces