Slate Makes a Great Countertop Surface

Benefits of a Slate Countertop Surface

Slate is a Natural Stone

The number one reason why slate should be on your radar is that slate is a natural stone. With that, it doesn’t take a vast amount of resources or unsustainable practices to install a beautiful slate countertop. Slate has a distinct look, feel, and texture unlike any other stone. No slab is exactly the same, so every space will be completely unique. Its earthy appearance, its durability, and its resistance to stains make it an easy choice as a countertop surface for any home.

Mottled Purple Countertop Surface

Slate is Non-Porous

Slate is an impervious stone that does not need to be sealed or treated. Its resistance to stains and water make it easy to clean, and an easy material to work with for families with young children. Slate only requires soap and water, instead of harsh chemicals, adding another element of ‘natural’ in your home. Our organic oil may be used on surfaces as a treatment, but this is not a requirement to maintain the beauty of your slate.

Slate is Heat Resistant

Slate makes a wonderful countertop material because hot objects, like pots and pans, can be placed on it. It will not burn, crack, or leave marks. Alongside soapstone, slate is a popular choice of material for chefs for this very reason. In addition to countertops, slate also makes a great material for tile floors and backslashes. It retains heat, and during winter months, stays warm to the touch especially next to a heater.

Slate Comes in a Variety of Colors

A consumer typically thinks of slate as a blue-gray or chalkboard-like material. This isn’t the case. Slate comes in a variety of colors, from gray, black, and green to red and mottled purple. Since slate is a natural material, there may be variations even within the same color. Because of the range of options, customers have an easy time choosing a variety that works best with their homes.

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Slate is a Maintenance-Free Countertop Surface

Slate is a durable material that does not require sealers or harsh cleaners. For customers who want a beautiful, natural countertop without the upkeep, slate is the perfect choice.

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