Slate Countertop Guide: Care and Maintenance

Slate Countertop Guide: Care and Maintenance

As a natural stone, slate is one of the easiest countertop materials to maintain. For those of you considering slate, we’ve compiled some important information as a slate countertop guide.

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On the Surface

Unlike marble and granite, slate does not need to be sealed. However, organic oil can polish the surface of the slate and add a glossy finish. Organic oil can enhance the beauty of slate, slightly aging and darkening the surface. Since slate has slight porosity, the oil will penetrate the top surface and protect it, as well.

Organic oil is an environmentally friendly, food-safe, and allergen-safe alternative to cleaners and sealers.


Cleaning slate is one more reason that it’s an environmentally friendly countertop choice. Harsh and abrasive cleaners do more harm than good when it comes to your slate countertops. Since slate is nonporous, it is stain resistant. Slate countertops can be cleaned with soap and water.

What if it Scratches?

Slate’s popularity in kitchens and bathrooms is due to the fact that slate is a hard, durable material. Not only can a hot pan be placed on the surface of slate without damaging the stone, but slate does not chip or scratch easily, either.

However, if your slate countertop does get a nick or a scratch, it can be easily repaired without the help of a professional. Fine steel wool will make deeper scratches disappear.

More Reasons to Consider Slate Countertops

Slate adds a subdued look to any home and can easily complement colorful palettes. Slate retains heat, making slate tile warm to to the touch and slate countertops resistant to hot pots and pans. Furthermore, slate is a natural, environmentally friendly stone that looks beautiful in every home.

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Try Slate in Your Home

Slate comes in a variety of colors, and no two slabs are alike. To learn more about our slate, view our inventory, and more, visit To order samples of slate from Garden State Soapstone ™, visit or schedule a visit our showroom.

Stay Tuned

Garden State Soapstone ™ has some big news about slate coming soon! Stay tuned for more!

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