Soapstone and Slate Fireplace Designs

Soapstone Fireplace
Functional & Beautiful: Soapstone Fireplace.

Design a Fireplace Perfect for Your Home

The weather is chilly. The days are short. It’s starting to feel like winter (But wait…Winter doesn’t officially begin until December 21!). Whether you’re a stickler for dates or not, we can all agree that it’s not just sweater weather anymore. If you’re spending more time inside, your fireplace might be an essential part of your life.

Thinking of re-designing your fireplace? Don’t know where to start? Look no further.

1) Choose Your Fireplace Material

Slate can be used in a fireplace
Designing a new fireplace? Think Mottled Purple Slate.

Slate is most versatile when it comes to fireplaces, making it our clients’ most popular choice. Heat resistant that naturally occurs in a variety of colors, it allows for numerous design possibilities: formal, elegant, rustic, or an exciting array of mosaic tile.

Long lasting, metamorphic rock that can withstand high temperatures and retain heat so that its surface stays comfortably warm. Soapstone can be styled in a variety of ways with its attractive, natural veining, and can create decorative elements in any room.

Wood is a classic mantel and surround choice with a design to transition between wall and firebox. It looks great paired with other stone selections. Stained finishes add a rustic element to any home, while painted elements look contemporary and stylish.

Timeless beauty. With proper care, it can last a lifetime. Marble withstands high temperatures and adds warmth to any room.

2) Choose the Look of Your Fireplace

Based on your look, you’ll know what ornamental elements to include. Determine if you want a style that’s:


3) Choose your style elements:

Ornamental and classic.

Soapstone fireplace bullnose

Ornamental Molding and Base Molding
Layers of molding give the fireplace dimensionality, movement, and depth.

soapstone ornamental molding

soapstone base molding

Tile adds a pattern and movement to any room. They should go on the fireplace surround or hearth. Natural stone creates a natural look. Slate can add a variation in color. Marble adds a classic and luxurious. Soapstone adds a smooth, classic feel and soapstone veining can add dynamism to a classic room.

Raised Hearth
This can add depth to a room, but also provide a functional seating area next to your fireplace.

It all depends what works with your home and within your budget. For more intricate pieces, we recommend working with a designer first in order to determine the elements and dimensions that your project requires. Then, contact us to confirm your design, materials and project dimensions. We’ll do the rest!

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