Thanks again for all the hard work you and Steve put into our counters. My wife and I have nothing but great things to say. The stone itself is beautiful. We love the fact that the counters are obviously hand-made because they are also obviously meticulously hand-made. We keep finding new details to appreciate, like the way you lined up the what would be the most prominent seam with a white vein in the stone so that you can barely tell the seam is there. Or the way that you put the coolest sections of the stone in areas where they would be easiest to see, like around the sink and the seating area. We also really appreciate your advice on the sink, the Kraus is great.

Maybe the best compliment I can share is that when the plumbers came to hook up the sink and faucet they were really impressed with the counters and the sink. Those guys see counters and sinks all day long so if they were impressed you know you have a good looking kitchen.

I will let my friends know to contact you if they want soapstone or slate counters. I am also happy to be a reference if any potential client asks you for one. You think like an engineer, talk like a geologist, and fabricate like an artist. I’m never getting a counter done by anyone else.

So thanks again for your efforts. I’m no longer ashamed of my kitchen thanks to you.

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September, 2021

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