A Survey of Renovations

Houzz Survey of Homeowners & Renovations

A recent Houzz publication surveyed the percentage of homeowners across generations, their goals for renovations, and the most common renovations.

Last year, 58% of surveyed homeowners were renovating. Of course, this says a lot about the clientele on Houzz, but just what are these renovation trends?

Interiors and Professional Guidance

69% of renovations were completed on the interior of a house (beating out “Systems”, “Exterior”, and “Additions”). In New Jersey, that number went up to 72%. Kitchens are at the top of that list, with guest bathrooms, living rooms, and master bathrooms closely following.

Gris Soapstone Kitchen Brooklyn

Renovation needs were topped at “Improving Design/Look & Feel”. 91% of those surveyed, in fact, said this was their priority for renovating. Right behind that was “improving functionality” at 85%, and “increasing resale value” at 69%. These numbers were the same across the board when comparing age groups, showing that Millennials are renovating the same way as Generation X and Boomers. And, the survey found, most people are turning to professionals for help.

Houzz survey

What were the challenges?

According to the survey, #1 top challenge of homeowners was to find the right service provider. #2: Finding the right materials. #3: Staying on budget.

houzz survey renovations

What does this mean for our potential customers?

  • Our clientele spans across generations. We work with clients to meet their needs, budgets, and concerns.
  • We work with customers who know very little about soapstone at first, to clients who provide a detailed plan up front.
  • For customers who want to learn more, we schedule appointments to provide educational sessions about our inventory, specific qualities of stones, and their projects.
  • We have clients who simply like the look and feel of soapstone, to clients who choose soapstone specifically for its thermal properties (professional chefs) and easy maintenance (large families). We work with professional designers who collaborate with us on their projects who, in turn, ask us to fabricate and install for their own homes.

Essentially, we educate all of our clients on the benefits of their chosen materials and help determine a plan that fits within a budget. And, with over 20 years of countertop and contracting experience, we’re experts.

For the full survey, visit Houzz.  

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