Soapstone & Marble: Great Contrast for a Modern Kitchen

Wednesday December, 2020

Don’t force yourself to choose between your favorite natural stone options: combine both marble and soapstone for a beautiful contrast in your kitchen. While this may seem like a modern pairing, both marble and soapstone are classic materials that stand the test of time. In black and white, they coordinate with any decorating style to… Continue reading Soapstone & Marble: Great Contrast for a Modern Kitchen

Things to Remember When Planning a Kitchen Renovation

Sunday August, 2020

The stay-at-home regulations had most homeowners spending more time in the kitchen cooking or baking. If you’ve decided it’s time to upgrade your kitchen (or prepare it to sell your home), remember a few details to make the process faster and more enjoyable. Before You Start Designing… Check for structural walls, complicated plumbing, and any… Continue reading Things to Remember When Planning a Kitchen Renovation

Outdoor Entertaining: Tips & Tools

Tuesday June, 2020

You’ll probably be entertaining at home more often this summer with fewer restaurant options available, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time with friends and family.  Planning Your Outdoor Event Unless you have a pool, you probably shouldn’t have an outdoor event in the afternoon during the summer. Instead, try a fun… Continue reading Outdoor Entertaining: Tips & Tools

Get Your Dream Farmhouse Kitchen with Soapstone

Tuesday April, 2020

If you’re considering a farmhouse style kitchen in your home, soapstone creates the perfect rustic texture you’re looking for. In fact, when you scroll through images of “farmhouse kitchens,” you’ll see several soapstone counters and sinks throughout. What elements of the farmhouse style makes it a perfect match for soapstone? Large, Apron-Front Sink When you… Continue reading Get Your Dream Farmhouse Kitchen with Soapstone

Kitchen Design for Entertaining

Monday February, 2020

You’ve probably noticed your kitchen is where the real party happens. Even if you have a tiny kitchen, all of your guests end up there at one time. Whether they’re trying to help, snack between serving, or just talk near the coffee maker, consider these kitchen design elements so you’re ready for entertaining. Take a… Continue reading Kitchen Design for Entertaining

Not Just Countertops: Soapstone Tile Flooring

Wednesday July, 2019

Choosing tile for your kitchen or bathroom renovation can be a daunting task with every color and pattern available. But have you considered soapstone tile for your new space? The dark color grounds the kitchen or bathroom, creating a sophisticated base for your cabinets and appliances. Benefits of Soapstone Tile If you’ve researched soapstone at… Continue reading Not Just Countertops: Soapstone Tile Flooring

Heart of the Home

Friday November, 2015

No matter how big or small, every home needs a kitchen. The kitchen sets the tone for the rest of the home. It provides experiences for anyone who enters and uses the space. It’s the median place of congregation for family, roommates, friends. Even the beloved family pet knows where to go to get fed.… Continue reading Heart of the Home

A Survey of Renovations

Friday October, 2015

Houzz Survey of Homeowners & Renovations A recent Houzz publication surveyed the percentage of homeowners across generations, their goals for renovations, and the most common renovations. Last year, 58% of surveyed homeowners were renovating. Of course, this says a lot about the clientele on Houzz, but just what are these renovation trends? Interiors and Professional… Continue reading A Survey of Renovations

Backsplashes: HGTV!

Thursday May, 2011

HGTV has some great ideas for your new kitchen. Looking for new backsplashes? HGTV is a great resource.   Two Backsplashes: Better Than One Two kitchen backsplash materials are better than one. Candice Olson pairs soapstone and blue glass tiles in this New Orleans-inspired kitchen. Bronze Sparkle Install under-cabinet lighting to show off your backsplash.… Continue reading Backsplashes: HGTV!

Designing For A Different Generation

Tuesday May, 2011

Homes and the Generation Gap An article written by Anita Shaw, titled Bridging the Gap, reminds kitchen and bath designers that each generation has a different personality and specific needs. Below are the highlights: Bridging the Gap By Antia Shaw May 2011 Many different issues and elements influence which trends rise and fall and which products… Continue reading Designing For A Different Generation

Wondering What Your Kitchen Remodel Return Is?

Thursday May, 2011

Wondering What Your Kitchen Remodel Return Is? has a great article on how to estimate your kitchen remodel’s return on your investment. The recession may technically be over, but when it comes to housing values, the numbers still have been sliding down. As a result, so has the return in investment on remodeling projects. However,… Continue reading Wondering What Your Kitchen Remodel Return Is?