Soapstone & Marble: Great Contrast for a Modern Kitchen

Don’t force yourself to choose between your favorite natural stone options: combine both marble and soapstone for a beautiful contrast in your kitchen. While this may seem like a modern pairing, both marble and soapstone are classic materials that stand the test of time. In black and white, they coordinate with any decorating style to outlive kitchen trends for decades.

Inverted Marble

While we recognize marble for its beautiful grey veins on white backing, soapstone mimics and inverts the same look with white veins on a black stone. The beautiful veining brings movement into the kitchen, while the dark color of soapstone can bring warmth and depth to the popular white-on-white kitchen style.

Island & Perimeter Contrast

One of our favorite ways to combine marble counters with soapstone counters is to contrast the kitchen island with the perimeter.

Some homeowners choose marble for the perimeter with a large, dark soapstone island countertop for contrast – many times painting the island cabinets a contrasting color, too.

Because marble is porous, you’ll want to keep it away from the sink and high-traffic areas of your kitchen. The island typically gets the most wear-and-tear from your family, you’ll want to choose the more durable option.

Why Soapstone for Your Sink

Soapstone is a better choice for the counter near your sink, but you can also use it for a large custom sink. You’ll get the farmhouse look you love with a large apron-front sink, but in a more modern style with dark colors and a unique design.

Marble vs. Soapstone

While both are natural stone, these two options have a few differences beyond their contrasted coloring.


Before applying our natural soapstone wax, the color is actually a lighter, muted grey. We apply our soapstone wax at completion of our install, and the homeowner can reapply our soapstone oil to maintain the dark color and watch the stone patina over time. The oil only brings out the patina of the stone, it doesn’t act as a sealer because soapstone is naturally non-porous and anti-bacterial.

The same cannot be said for marble. We also seal marble at completion of our install, but it needs upkeep to protect from discoloration in regular wear and tear. This is why we recommend the marble in lower-traffic portions of your kitchen.


Most homeowners truly love the look of marble, so they don’t mind the extra maintenance. But the stone is porous and stains easily, so keeping it completely clean will be a priority to protect your investment.

In contrast, soapstone is non-porous, making it stain resistant and antibacterial. While it scratches more easily than marble, the scratches can be easily removed while the staining on marble will not fade.

Build the Perfect Kitchen

Start building your perfect kitchen by partnering with Garden State Soapstone for your countertops and soapstone sinks. You’ll receive high-quality stone with expert craftsmanship.

Looking to add even more contrast and texture to your space? Consider a wood countertop or cutting board to give your kitchen a more rustic feel while sticking with natural, durable materials.

Whatever you choose, you’ll love the depth and timeless character of natural materials in your home.

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December, 2020

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