Things to Remember When Planning a Kitchen Renovation

The stay-at-home regulations had most homeowners spending more time in the kitchen cooking or baking. If you’ve decided it’s time to upgrade your kitchen (or prepare it to sell your home), remember a few details to make the process faster and more enjoyable.

Before You Start Designing…

Check for structural walls, complicated plumbing, and any foreseeable needs for columns and beams. The best person to consult would be an architect who knows exactly what they’re looking at.

You’ll also want to consider the goals of your kitchen remodel before setting the budget:

  • Increase home value before a sale
  • Increase counter space
  • Increase cabinet storage
  • Add a kitchen island
  • Expand the overall size

Each one of these has price considerations that help you determine whether you’re updating cosmetics, DIY-ing the project, or working with an architect and contractor.

Room for Easy Upgrades

If you’re only looking to increase the home value before listing for sale, your goal will be quick and relatively inexpensive improvements.

Countertop Replacement

If you don’t have natural stone countertops, you’ll want to upgrade before listing your home for sale. Stone countertops are the feature buyers always look for, and an updated kitchen can make all the difference during the selling process. But granite isn’t your only option – in fact, the “wow” factor of marble, soapstone, or slate may seal the deal for your buyers. Let your home stand out from the rest with a luxury countertop option.

Custom Features

Maybe you don’t want to replace every detail of your kitchen. A few custom features will give your kitchen new life. Consider a soapstone farmhouse sink, wood ledge on the island, or a natural stone backsplash for an elegant but rustic style.

Painted Cabinets

Painting cabinets seem to be a popular trend for quick upgrades that don’t break the bank. If you recently moved into a home with dark wood but crave the trendy white cabinets from all the design blogs, you’ll be surprised at the transformation. This low-cost upgrade will instantly brighten your space and keep you happy until you can completely upgrade the cabinets.

Design in a Logical Order

If you don’t hire a general contractor to oversee the project, you may go out of order in your excitement to start the process.

Plan Appliances First

If you have your heart set on a new dishwasher, refrigerator, double oven, or any major appliance, you’ll want to bring those measurements to the design table first. These will impact the size and layout of your cabinets.

If you love your current appliances, you get to save some money by not replacing them. You have a few decisions already made for you!

Look at the Fresh Space

When you’ve been living with the kitchen in a particular layout, you may not see all the options you have with a blank slate. Working with a kitchen designer will open your eyes to new, more efficient layouts. When you expand your kitchen by removing walls, you’ll have even more options. Don’t grow attached to the current location of your sink!

Budget for Unknowns

Even though you factored in every cost, something always comes up. The best way to be prepared for everything is to set aside 10-20% of the cost for the unexpected.

Have Fun!

Whether or not you’re building a dream kitchen, you still want to have fun with the process. Looking at design blogs, browsing Pinterest for the perfect tile, and meeting new contractors should be fun, although sometimes stressful, process.

Are you ready to bring your soapstone or slate dreams to reality in a kitchen remodel? Call Garden State Soapstone for expert advice and craftsmanship. (732) 828-7000

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