Advantages of Natural Stone

When it comes to soapstone and slate, we love natural stone.

At Garden State Soapstone ™, we pride ourselves in our selection of beautiful soapstone and slate, custom-fabricated for your home. We recommend natural stone for a variety of reasons, from the subtle characteristics and textures that it adds to a home, to its versatility and sustainable properties.

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More Than One Use

Natural stone can be fabricated for a variety of uses. Slate and soapstone tile’s unique thermal properties allow heat to be retained while remaining impermeable and easy to clean. Slate and soapstone fireplace surrounds have these same qualities. While adding beauty to a room, they retain heat and keep a home warm.

Countertops, baking stones, vanities, sinks, and knobs are other uses of soapstone and natural stone that we recommend.

natural slate kitchen

Durability: Do Care and Maintenance Differently

Soapstone and slate are simple when it comes to care and maintenance. As impermeable stones, they are stain-resistant and easy to clean. Instead of harsh cleaners, a little soap and water is all it takes. To enhance the beauty of your slate and your soapstone’s aging (patina), we recommend our all-natural, organic soapstone wax and soapstone oil. Natural stone is weather-resistant and heat-resistant — and it won’t burn, melt, or stain. No artificial sealers are necessary when installing natural stone countertops.

If scratching occurs, it’s easy to sand out. Click to learn more about Care and Maintenance.

Sustainability & Quarrying Methods

Unlike other stones, soapstone and other natural stones like slate can be found close to the surface. No mountaintops are removed in order to quarry it, nor does it require digging deep into the ground.  Readily available and naturally occurring, it’s a great choice for those interested in LEED: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

It’s important to learn more about quarrying and fabricating each variety of stone, as well as the locations of the quarries (they must be no more than 500 miles away from the project’s location). Check out our Churchill and Old Dominion varieties of soapstone, quarried in Virginia, USA.

Natural soapstone

Garden State Soapstone ™ serves areas in New York, New Jersey, and more. To learn more,

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