Not Just Countertops: Soapstone Tile Flooring

Wednesday July, 2019

Choosing tile for your kitchen or bathroom renovation can be a daunting task with every color and pattern available. But have you considered soapstone tile for your new space? The dark color grounds the kitchen or bathroom, creating a sophisticated base for your cabinets and appliances. Benefits of Soapstone Tile If you’ve researched soapstone at… Continue reading Not Just Countertops: Soapstone Tile Flooring

Natural Home Design in 2017

Monday January, 2017

Home Design in 2017 Natural is Back As 2017 gets into full swing, home design trends move towards functionality, minimalism, and natural materials. On Improve Net, natural stone makes the list again, along with butcher block countertops. Soapstone: Your Go-To Soapstone has repeatedly been named as a go-to material lately. We’ve mentioned the history and… Continue reading Natural Home Design in 2017

Advantages of Natural Stone

Saturday September, 2016

When it comes to soapstone and slate, we love natural stone. At Garden State Soapstone ™, we pride ourselves in our selection of beautiful soapstone and slate, custom-fabricated for your home. We recommend natural stone for a variety of reasons, from the subtle characteristics and textures that it adds to a home, to its versatility… Continue reading Advantages of Natural Stone