6 Ideas for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Summer is almost here, which means it is finally time to start heading outdoors once more. With longer days and warmer weather, you might be looking to create an outdoor space where you can enjoy your time and even cook without heating the house and kitchen. When constructing and creating an outdoor kitchen, there are several factors to consider based on the size and structure of your outdoor space.

Things To Consider When Building Your Outdoor Kitchen

The first thing to remember is that an outdoor kitchen will need a level, smooth, and sturdy foundation. Avoid porous surfaces and choose a tile (like soapstone or slate) that you can clean easily if spills occur. Also, while deciding where to install your outdoor kitchen, make sure the floor won’t be slippery when wet.

Next, you’ll choose the type of outdoor kitchen you want. Consider whether or not you want to use walls in your outdoor kitchen design. Walls will allow you to simply put storage and shelving in addition to your chosen cooking equipment, and they may also provide wind protection. Going without walls results in a more open design, but you’ll need to incorporate additional storage into the kitchen structure.

Finally, you’ll need to determine what kind of stoves, ovens, or grills you will need based on the food you prepare. For example, do you want a basic grill for quick dinners, an entire outdoor oven, a smoker, or something else? And will you enjoy a sink for washing up or a refrigerator, so you don’t have to go indoors for anything?

Look into how much you’ll want to build your outdoor kitchen before getting started; it will save you time and money in the end!

Six Outstanding Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Pick Your Patio

One of your first tasks in building a new patio is determining the material to put underneath your new outdoor kitchen, whether brick, concrete, soapstone tileslate tile, or gravel. The surface you choose affects not just the appearance of your patio but also its cost, whether you can build it yourself, and how you’ll maintain it in the long run. It is also one of the most critical aesthetic choices you will have to make, as it helps set the tone for the entire rest of the kitchen.

Wood-Fired Oven

Pizza night is one thing that your entire family can agree on. Make your savory pies in the backyard to create magical summer nights. These ovens are best renowned for their ability to produce beautiful pizzas, but they can also keep food warm or bake fresh bread with that unique flavor at any time. They also become a beautiful feature in your backyard.

If you’re not going to install a wood-fired oven, but still want to make perfectly crispy pies, consider a soapstone pizzastone for your grill or kitchen oven. These stones retain heat well while maintaining non-porous, anti-bacterial properties that make cooking and cleaning easy.

Integrate Great Storage

If you do not want your visitors to run in and out bringing things from your indoor kitchen, storage space is critical to your outdoor kitchen plans. Don’t forget to add a lock if you plan to keep anything valuable or alcoholic in your outdoor kitchen. You may also utilize a cabinet as a “control center,” where you can hide audiovisual equipment and keep it safe and watertight.

Rolling Carts Make It Easy

A roll-out serving cart is a terrific method to transport prepared food or drinks to another part of your outdoor living space if you enjoy entertaining. These carts will make it easy to get from prep time to party time, whether cooking and delivering excellent beverages for visitors swimming in the pool or transporting all of the grilled dishes to the eating area.

Lovely Lighting

There’s no doubt that you want to make the most of your outdoor kitchen, and lighting is an essential component of any outdoor kitchen design. Well-planned lighting will allow you to use the area after the sun has set and adds to the overall ambiance of the area. In addition, you won’t have to fumble around to see if your steaks are cooked to perfection or find something in a cupboard with lighting right where you need it.

All About Entertainment

Finally, add a bar area, an outside television and audio system, sitting sections, and more to turn your outdoor kitchen into a destination for entertainment. Consider how you prefer to entertain and how your outdoor kitchen plans enhance that experience.

Now that you have some ideas for your outdoor kitchen, it is time to head on out and cook or just enjoy your evening! Visit Garden State Soapstone for information on outdoor tile choices, then check out our pizza stones on!

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