5 Reasons to Choose Wood for Your New Countertops

Are you looking to add a new countertop to your kitchen and wondering what would work best for you, your family, and your home? Consider wood countertops! These fabulous pieces can be works of art if created by the right hands and have many benefits that may help them stand out! 


Warmth has two different meanings when talking about countertops: wood is both warm to the touch and ‘warm’ to the eye, with richer and more bright hues in contrast to the typically- cool stone tones. The wood will always feel warm compared to a stone countertop, making surfaces appear cozier, inviting visitors to stay longer and relax in a more welcoming atmosphere.


Like the wide variety of options for stone, wood countertops come in many types of species, stains, and colors. The varieties of wood used for countertops include American Cherry, Black Walnut, Chestnut, Heart Pine, Hickory, Redwood, Red Oak, and White Oak. Each has a unique appearance, further enhanced with Rubio Monocoat Pure finish. In addition, you can choose from Plank Style, End Grain, and Edge Grain. At Garden State Soapstone, we also carry exotic woods like Monkeypod, Teak, Mango, and Grandillo, which we polish with natural organic wax. These slab-style wood varieties are available in eased edge or live edge.

Environmentally Friendlier

This is a more recent and developing trend, as most wood countertops are not manufactured from recycled wood, but that is beginning to change. Many more people are turning to countertops made from salvaged wood, especially for their kitchens’ more rustic or natural look. Most wood countertops are also recyclable and made of a renewable resource, so they are a sustainable option whether you’re choosing salvaged or new wood.

Easier on Your Dishes

Many people do not realize this, but granite or marble countertops can be tough on your dishware! (Just imagine dropping a ceramic dish set on stone versus wood, and you’ll get the idea.) Additionally, you’ll discover that wood absorbs sound rather than reflects it as granite, meaning your kitchen will likely be quieter. A good wood countertop can instantly improve the ambiance in your kitchen by encouraging a quiet and peaceful space rather than a busy and loud one.

Wood is Surprisingly Strong

You may not have thought about it, but imagine all the wear and tear that trees have to sustain on a daily basis out in the forest. Now, picture how much is going on in your kitchen. Hopefully, you won’t be seeing a never-ending cycle of heat and snow within, but it also means that your wood countertops can withstand the pressure of the kitchen. You can easily sand out any, scratches, knicks or let them be as proof of the life you live in your kitchen.

So, are wooden countertops a good fit for your house? Depending on your edging and styling selections, wood can look rustic or traditional. You will need to oil your countertop regularly to keep it from drying out and warping. Wood countertops might be the best option for your home if you love the natural beauty of wood and are prepared to preserve them.

Our blog has more articles on caring for wood countertops, or you can consider a wood serving board. If you’re ready to switch out your countertop for something new, contact Garden State Soapstone and arrange a visit to our showroom today!

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August, 2022

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