Soapstone: Your Key to the Perfect Holiday Party

The holidays are the perfect time to bring out the soapstone. Soapstone has properties that allow for the retaining of flavor and temperature for pizza, meats, and veggies. It also makes a great serving presentation for hors d’oeuvre.

These 10 uses of soapstone take away the stress from last-minute party planning. We love soapstone, and your guests will, too.

Ways to incorporate soapstone into your holiday gathering:

1) Soapstone Pizza Stone
Baked on soapstone: the best pizza you’ll ever have (we promise!).

Soapstone Pizza Stone

2) Cheese Plates
Soapstone makes a beautiful presentation of cheese, herbs, crackers, and grapes.

Soapstone Holiday Cheese Plate

3) Skewers & Shish Kabobs
A delicious party favorite cooked in an even better way.

Shrimp Skewers

4) Sushi Platter
Soapstone platters are always the perfect size for sharing sushi. We make custom-sized stones for your smallest gatherings or largest parties.

Soapstone Sushi Platter
Soapstone + Sushi for the Holidays

5) Cookies and Sweets
Chocolate chip cookies baked on soapstone? Yes, please.

Holiday Cookies

6) In your drink
Soapstone has extraordinary heating properties, but did you know it also can retain cold temperatures? Soapstone whiskey rocks will keep your drink cold. And, they’re the perfect conversation piece.

Whiskey Rocks
Soapstone Whiskey Rocks: Visit

7) Pork and Bacon.
Pork and more pork. Cooking with soapstone adds an unbelievable flavor to bacon, pork loins, and pork chops.

Pork Chops

8) Chilis, Stews, and Soups.
The holidays are for sharing, and what better way than to serve hot soup simmering in a soapstone pot?

9) Spices
Grind them, serve them. Soapstone creates a unique, natural way to serve spices.

Serving Spices

10) Bread
Because every dinner party just needs delicious, soapstone-baked bread.

Baking Bread

You can find products like our whiskey rocks, cookware, and baking stones here on our website, or our sister site at For more information about our custom-sized baking stones, just contact us!

Garden State Soapstone ™, Slate & Wood Countertops
The perfect choice for the holidays.

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December, 2015

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