2021 Resolutions for Your Home

This new year feels different than any other before. After 2020 many of us are giving up resolutions entirely, opting for survival instead. But we can all agree that home has become more important than ever, so if we’re going to have any goals, home is a great place to start.

Some families took their travel funds from 2020 and spent it on pools and patios, and others chose to move houses completely when they no longer needed to commute to work. Whatever your home situation, the new year is the time to look around and evaluate how you can create a place you love more than ever.

Shop Local & Shop Small

Yes, it feels easier to order online from one of the big box retailers for your home, but 2020 was good for them. When everyone started doing home projects, these large online retailers made more money than ever – but that may not be true for your local home and hardware stores.

Once you know what you need for your home, your first priority should be looking for local or small shops to buy from. Even if you need to shop online, choose to buy from Etsy and small businesses. They may not be able to offer the cheapest shipping rates, but you’ll be more than just a number to them.

Prioritize Rest & Comfort

After a year of feeling anxious and “always on,” homeowners started adding cozy, comfortable pieces in their home. When we spend so much time in our homes, we need to make it a place we enjoy. Creating a small space to quietly drink coffee in the morning or a well-lit corner to read a book will help you prioritize your mental health before the world returns to “normal.”

One thing we love about soapstone is the soft texture that can add a touch of traditional to an otherwise modern kitchen or bathroom. The stone retains heat well, adding to the warmth of the space. The dark colors and contrasting veining gives an all-white kitchen a contemporary contrast. But unlike the coolness of quartz and stainless steel, soapstone creates a welcoming, comfortable feel.

Decorate Sustainably

With fewer cars on the road and planes in the sky, the environment may be doing better than ever. But you can still find ways to make sustainability a resolution in 2021. 

The first step goes back to shopping locally: if you buy your home décor and supplies locally, you’ll be skipping the excessive packaging and emissions from transit vehicles.

But another option is buying secondhand. As your neighbors decide to redecorate, Facebook marketplace and Craigslist are full of almost-new finds from high-quality stores. Not only do you find a great piece at a great price, but you save one more item from a landfill as you give it a second life.

When renovating, find contractors and fabricators who use high-quality materials that will stand the test of time. You’ll be less likely to renovate again in 10 years if your kitchen still looks great.

Add Outdoor Living Spaces

If you haven’t already extended your living space to the backyard, start planning now. Keep warm in the winter with a fire pit and outdoor heaters. Stock up on cozy blankets and s’mores supplies to make the most out of your outdoor space. As you look ahead to warm weather, start planning a patio and outdoor kitchen to host safe celebrations and enjoy time with your family.

Tidy Each Night

Nothing feels worse than starting the day a few steps behind. That’s usually how we feel when waking up to a messy house. Make a new year’s resolution to tidy an area of your home every night before bed, so you feel ahead of the game when you wake up. Whether you pick up your room, so the first space you see is clean, or neaten the living room to enjoy a peaceful morning to yourself, try to stick with the routine. Even if you only do this three times a week, you’ll start to feel the benefits.

Be Patient

Sometimes designing and decorating your home takes longer than expected, but don’t rush to buy cheap furniture and decorations to fill your space. When you purchase a space-filler, you’ll eventually throw it away (or donate, and they’ll most likely throw it away) or regret it every time you look at it. Take the time to find out how you use each room and renovate when you know what will work best in your home. 

At Garden State Soapstone, we source our stone from high-quality providers (many in the US) and handcraft it right in New Jersey. If you’re ready to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, contact us to choose the perfect tile or countertop in soapstone, slate, or wood that you’ll love for years to come.

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