Best Materials for Your Backsplash

Monday October, 2020

The kitchen backsplash offers a great opportunity to show off your style, dress up your countertops, or make them more rustic. When you’re planning, you’ll want something that complements your space but isn’t so “safe” that it doesn’t make a statement at all.  Fortunately, this is typically the last element to install in your kitchen,… Continue reading Best Materials for Your Backsplash

Soapstone vs. Quartz

Saturday May, 2020

While quartz grows in popularity for high-end countertops, it has a few drawbacks that you may not realize. The engineered stone seems to rise to the top with durability and color variation. However, soapstone shares many of those favorite qualities and, in fact, out-performs in some elements. Similarities between Soapstone & Quartz If you’ve been… Continue reading Soapstone vs. Quartz

Sustainable Kitchen & Garden Tips

Tuesday May, 2020

It’s finally starting to feel like spring! With the extra time spent at home, you’re probably looking for some new projects to keep the kids (and yourself) busy. With these garden and kitchen activities, you’ll see improvement for your home and watch growth happen before your eyes. Keep Herbs & Greens at Your Door Now… Continue reading Sustainable Kitchen & Garden Tips

5 Reasons to Choose Soapstone for your Restaurant or Bar

Tuesday April, 2020

At Garden State Soapstone Slate & Wood Countertops, we love choosing our natural stone for your home kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor space. But it’s equally beautiful in a commercial setting. Many restaurants around the country have chosen to incorporate soapstone or slate into their designs – including indoor/outdoor bars, tabletops, pizza ovens, and professional kitchens… Continue reading 5 Reasons to Choose Soapstone for your Restaurant or Bar

Looking Back over 2019

Friday December, 2019

Looking Back over 2019 Looking back over the year at Garden State Soapstone, we have a hard time choosing our “top projects” to share. Each simple kitchen counter looks elegant in its new space, but we do so much more than countertops. And even more than soapstone. So we tried to pick a few of… Continue reading Looking Back over 2019

The Back-to-School Kitchen

Wednesday September, 2019

Maybe your kitchen had a little break this summer with all of your cooking taking place on the grill or out on the deck (you need to enjoy those long day of sunshine outside while you have them!). But the school year is getting into full swing, and with a new year, like in January,… Continue reading The Back-to-School Kitchen

Sustainable Kitchen Ideas

Tuesday August, 2019

You’ve probably heard about new sustainable options for your home and how we should do more to protect the environment. The kitchen is an easy place to get started with all kinds of sustainable tools – from recycling to storage solutions. At Garden State Soapstone ™, our primary focus is the kitchen, and our natural… Continue reading Sustainable Kitchen Ideas

Why Choose a Slate Sink

Friday March, 2019

There’s no denying that a slate sink makes a striking first impression in your kitchen. The color options and custom design will be a focal point of the space. However, appearance alone isn’t the only reason to go with slate. Design Variety Slate has a variety of colors and patterns, from the neutral black and… Continue reading Why Choose a Slate Sink

2019 Top Kitchen Trends

Tuesday March, 2019

It’s the beginning of a brand-new year, and with that comes exciting kitchen trends and products. Because the kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in the home, the space should have elements that excite you, but also simplify the necessary work. How do the 2019 trends meet these goals? Let’s find out! Color of… Continue reading 2019 Top Kitchen Trends

Slate Countertops 101

Saturday August, 2017

Slate Countertops 101 At Garden State Soapstone ™, we love using natural stone for home renovations. One of our favorite materials is slate. Though slate has been used throughout the home for quite a while, using slate is a relatively new way to think about countertops. It’s beautiful, sustainable, and maintenance free. Most of our… Continue reading Slate Countertops 101

Updating Your Bathroom?

Friday April, 2017

Updating Your Bathroom? Don’t know where to begin? There’s a lot involved in a bathroom renovation, but once you pick a starting point, the rest falls into place. What’s Your Material? The material, or materials, you choose suggest an overall style. If you’re looking for contemporary, you might pick soapstone. If you’re looking for elegant,… Continue reading Updating Your Bathroom?

Soapstone and Slate Fireplace Designs

Tuesday November, 2015

Design a Fireplace Perfect for Your Home The weather is chilly. The days are short. It’s starting to feel like winter (But wait…Winter doesn’t officially begin until December 21!). Whether you’re a stickler for dates or not, we can all agree that it’s not just sweater weather anymore. If you’re spending more time inside, your… Continue reading Soapstone and Slate Fireplace Designs

New Use for Potholders

Wednesday May, 2011

Protect Your Bathroom Counters with Silicone Potholder Check out this clever use from lifehacker… Who says potholders are just for the kitchen? Silicone potholders can be used anywhere you need to protect a surface. Here, they’re being used to prevent heat marks on a bathroom counter from curling irons and other personal appliances. Why They… Continue reading New Use for Potholders

Dining by Design

Monday April, 2011

Dining By Design Dining by Design: My favorite time of year! From Architectural Digest As one of the nation’s largest supporters of HIV/AIDS service and preventive awareness, DIFFA: Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS raises millions of dollars each year through its fundraising efforts within the design community. Dining by Design—the organization’s signature event, now in… Continue reading Dining by Design

Garden State Soapstone ™ is now LIVE: Soapstone Videos!

Monday April, 2011

Garden State Soapstone ™: Soapstone Videos Check out our Garden State Soapstone ™ video, now on YouTube and our website. Additionally, our soapstone videos include on-site fabrication, template, and installations. Our materials span beyond soapstone; we also use slate, wood, and marble. Schedule an appointment, request a quote order samples online, or contact us on… Continue reading Garden State Soapstone ™ is now LIVE: Soapstone Videos!

Soapstone Isn’t Just For Countertops: Soapstone Uses

Wednesday April, 2011

Soapstone Isn’t Just for Countertops: Soapstone Uses I was approached by a company, Amit Exports, Agra India and want to share their creations with you, and additional soapstone uses. They are a wholesale quantity manufacturer for hand-crafted Tablewares, Dinnerwares, and more. Amit Exports was established in 1990 and today is India’s leading producer and exporter of… Continue reading Soapstone Isn’t Just For Countertops: Soapstone Uses